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Greeting you from the seafront on York Road is the new ‘Coffee until Cocktails’ bar, Cabana Verde. With its fun, fresh, and inviting space inside and out, you can’t walk by without stopping and trying some of the best coffee in town, while taking a moment to ‘land.’

Opening on 1st July 2021, it has been a whirlwind first few months for the team at Cabana Verde! We spoke to Harry, who, in-between attending EXPOs, organising events, and serving fantastic coffee and cocktails filled us in on their story so far, and how it’s going.

‘It took us three weeks to get the place ready; we moved as quickly as possible as we wanted to be open for the summer season. So, we’ve all pushed really hard since the beginning – and we’ve not stopped since! We wanted to stand out and be different from what was already being offered in Bognor Regis, and this property is perfect to do just that! It has sea views and works really well for us. Mustards are across the road, who are great and do fantastic food - and Suga’ Kane next door are a new rum and reggae bar. There’s a real buzz on York Road now, and we’re excited to be a part of it!’

Emily and Harry


Alongside Harry, are Emily and Jamie, and manager, Joe – who will always greet you with a smiley welcome! Emily and Jamie created the successful CBD gummy brand: Cold Press CBD: and Cabana Verde has been built upon the success of that brand; Harry explained that this success was the driving force behind opening Cabana Verde.

‘Our CBD gummies are made in house, and we have various different suppliers. Our products are distributed across the world and are doing really well. So, we wanted to bring the success of the online business to the retail market and decided to open a coffee and cocktail bar.

In the bar we sell our products and give customers the opportunity to try CBD infused coffee or cocktails, and the response has been fantastic.

We understand there’s a stigma around CBD, which is a beneficial compound in the cannabis plant - we can use it responsibly and legally, and it’s becoming a highly beneficial daily supplement for people’s lifestyles, that you’re already seeing in places like Holland and Barrett.

That’s why we want to help to bring it out of the shadows and bring it to the forefront and help people. We’ve had lots of people come in and say, they sleep better, or it has given them pain relief, when originally, they may have been a bit sceptical.’

Cabana Verde are a new, young and energetic community of people, who pride themselves on being a sustainable business, and strive to work with ethically minded businesses as well. They source products as locally and naturally as possible, including their delicious coffee from Pelicano, a speciality coffee roaster based in Brighton.

‘We have a great relationship with Pelicano and often have tasting sessions with them and like to understand what new roasts are coming out to share with our customers. We’ve also just hired someone who will do our cooking and bakery side of things locally and will be offering CBD infused bakes as well as toasties and snacks soon.

We chose Brew Dog as one of our suppliers because they’re very environmentally conscious. We love their ethos, and for every beer sold they plant a tree. They help eco-sustainable business, like us offset our carbon footprint by this initiative.

We try and use everything that is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. All our materials we use are from companies that have that same mentality. Our energy suppliers are from renewable sources. It’s important to us to be as sustainable as possible, because we live and work by the sea, and we want to take care of our environment.’

The team at Cabana Verde are all local, and as well as being very passionate about the wellbeing of the community and environment, they are equally passionate about bringing live music and events to the town and helping to change the perception of Bognor Regis.

‘Some people have an opinion of Bognor Regis that it’s a bit ‘rough and ready’, and a mentality that an upper-class cocktail bar wouldn’t work here. We’re all from Bognor Regis and we’re excited to see changes happening; the people are there, it’s just about creating a place for them to come!

We have regular live music events on at the bar, and recently had a comedy night, which was a huge success, so we’re looking forward to doing more regular events - we’re also looking forward to having a magician come and do a live show.

We all have experience in events, and would love to organise music, food and drink festivals in the future. We’re directly opposite Place St Maur, which would make a fantastic outdoor venue for regular events. If you’re a musician or artist, we’d love to hear from you as we want to bring that whole community together.’

Cabana Verde is also a venue that you can hire out for private events and parties. With its light, spacious venue, beautiful setting, and parking close by, it’s a fantastic location to celebrate in.

‘We had a one-year-old party in here not too long ago and it went really well. We had a balloon arch and made the space look fantastic. It’s a great place to host events and have a great party here! We’re looking to promote Christmas events, and private parties – so anyone can contact us to hire the space out.’

Cabana Verde are bold and bright, and their future is just as dazzling! With impeccable sustainability values, pride for their town, and a mission to bring some chill to Bognor Regis, they are a hive of activity. There’s so much more going on behind the scenes – and we, along with the rest of the community have the popcorn ready to see what happens next for them and be a part of this new wave of enthusiasm in our indie community.

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All photography is by Peter Flude. Peter is local, and passionate about telling the stories of Bognor Regis's indie businesses. You can find out more about his work at and and follow him at @fludefoto and @peterflude


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